My Firebrands Academia

My Firebrands Academia is a hack of Firebrands by Vincent Baker. It takes out the robots and puts the whole thing in High school. The playtest materials are here


Hamilton High School has never been the best school in the district. It gets the job done, it gets by, but never with the style or panache that some of the bigger schools in the area do. They don't have the biggest sports team, they don't have the best marching band, their choir doesn't place in competitions. They're a non-factor in the grander scheme of the city's high schools.

But they've got heart.

Finally, that heart has been seen. The state has elected to give a financial grant to their school district, and the faculty is trying to figure out what to do with it. That money could change any program it's put into: a new stadium, new auditorium, a financial boost for the shop classes and low income students. Everyone wants it, and they're going to use all the politics, connections, and force at their disposal to get it.

You need 3-6 players, set aside an hour to play for each person.

The object of the game is to create messy entanglements. Fall in love with your enemies, ally with your rivals, and fight with your friends. It's also to make low stakes things feel like incredibly high stakes.

If you’d like to pay what you want for the hack as it is, and the playtest materials, the link is here!

Pay What You Want!