What is Together, A Home?

Together, A Home is a hack of Avery Alder’s The Quiet Year about telling a story through the layout of a home. In this game, we will take turns drawing furniture and items to make this house full of life. We don't need to draw well, we don't need to draw fast, the important thing is that we together get to create this home together. When you've lived with someone for awhile, your home becomes history. Everything has a story attached to it, by the end of this game we will have a home and things we can tell stories about. We might be together at the end, we might not, but the history stays.

This game is a two player experience, but can be done with more. The playtest materials for it are here, but it's still in Beta.

If you want to buy the game/pay what you want for it. The link will be here once it is actually ready!

Pay what you want!